The Reinvention of Chastity by Eve Vaughn
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
ISBN: 1-59998-379-6
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose




In the office of Rossi & Owens law firm, partners Sebastian Rossi and Jeremy Owen are discussing work.  “I’ll have Chastity do it for me she’s always willing to help.  It’s not like she has much of a life anyway,” Sebastian said with laughter.

“She’s a nice lady who doesn’t deserve to be used like that.  You’d better be careful, because one day you’re going to get a taste of your own medicine,” replied Jeremy.

Upon hearing her name, Chastity stopped outside the slightly open office door listening.  Chastity had spent two years fantasizing about Sebastian.  Learning that he knew of her feelings for him and laughed was like being kicked in stomach.   How could Sebastian talk about her in such an offhanded manner?  Racing to the bathroom, tears running down her cheeks, she let her head drop into trembling hands. 

The Reinvention of Chastity pulled at my heartstrings and stirred my ire at the same time.  Chastity allowed the views of others to reflect her views of herself. Sebastian was afraid to show his real feelings.  I can relate to how hurtful words can be, I wanted to reach out and give Chastity a hug.  Jeremy was a true friend and an all around good guy.  I hope Eve Vaughn features Jeremy in his own book in the future.  I enjoyed this journey so much, I was sorry to see it end.


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