Tempting The Prince by Patricia Grasso
Historical Romance
Zebra Books
ISBN: 0-8217-8072-7
Reviewer: Melissa




Belle has kept herself isolated since a vicious attack left her with a scar on her face.  She’s sure that no man will want her because of it.  However, Prince Mikhail Kazanov believes that Belle would be the perfect wife for him!  Already having suffered with a social butterfly for a wife, he believes that Belle is exactly what he is looking for in a wife for him and a mother for his daughter.  He connives with her family to trick Belle into marriage, but as he falls in love with his wife, he fears what will happen if she ever discovers the truth.

Patricia Grasso delivers historical romance with a twist of humor!  Tempting The Prince is yet another great story of the Kazanov Princes!  Belle and Mikhail had me laughing on one page and engrossed in hunt for Belle’s attacker on another.  Sexy and fun with a dash of mystery, Tempting The Prince is exactly what the historical romance reader is looking for!


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