Tempting Darkness by Rene Lyons
A Templar Vampire series, Book 3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-321-4
Reviewed by Gracie




Lucian of Penwick has endured many challenges in his life, but nothing has tried his strength of will as being chained in a cell with the one woman who calls to him in every way.  Lucian is a man of strong convictions; he was a Templar Knight before his soul was damned and he was turned into a vampire for his loss of faith.  Lucian is now being forced to face his past and the demons that have haunted him for centuries.

Jessica Vargo led a good, happy and normal life until she was abducted by a cruel vampire named Stephen and forced into this nightmare that is beyond her imagination.  Jessica did not even believe in vampires before this and now her only companion is the vampire chained to the wall in her cell.

Lucian knows it is his fault that Jessica is here.  He should have dealt with his brother, Stephen, when he went after Allison Parker.   Lucian will do whatever it takes to get Jessica out of this situation and safely back home with her family.  For the three months that Jessica has been prisoner, she has tried to ignore the man who is imprisoned with her.  After all he is a vampire, too.  She knows Stephen is using her to break Lucian and she does not know why Lucian has restrained himself.  Eventually, Jessica has to admit that there is more to Lucian, but she does not think that she can ever truly trust him. 

Lucian is drawn to Jessica, but he does not want to pull her into his world of darkness.  Will Lucian and Jessica find a way out of the hell they are in and are the feelings they have real or just part of their circumstances?

Tempting Darkness is another outstanding read by Rene Lyons!  Lucian is a strong, honorable, and incredibly sexy vampire who has struggled to overcome his past.  Jessica is a kind and very resilient woman who has the strength to overcome almost anything.  I was rooting for these two and I have to say that Rene Lyons can pull every emotion out of her readers!  I struggled while writing this review simply because I was afraid that I would not be able to give Tempting Darkness and the amazing Rene Lyons enough credit for this awesome addition to her Templar Vampire series!  As always, I am totally enamored with Rene.  She pulled me even more into her world and I am already eagerly anticipating her next book!  I highly recommend Tempting Darkness.


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