Sin by Sharon Page
Historical Erotic Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1470-7
Reviewed by Cheryl




Venetia Hamilton is the largely unknown, oldest illegitimate daughter of famed erotic artist Rodesson.  When Rodesson's arthritic hands prevent him from painting, Venetia secretly produces his scandalous works.  If her father could abstain from gambling and other wicked pursuits, she could easily earn enough to keep her younger sisters respectable.  When Marcus Wyndham, the Earl of Trent, unexpectedly appears at her door, Venetia quickly realizes that one of her father's main characters is based on him.  Unfortunately, her renderings have made the caricature more realistic than her father's version.  Marcus, who doesn't need all of London talking about his licentious ways, informs Venetia that her father's gambling debts have been settled, and her sordid career is over.  Although she isn't happy about this, there is little she can do. 

After Lydia, her father's mistress, threatens to reveal her secret, Venetia, now without a steady income, believes she can reason with the woman.  There's just one problem; Lydia is off to a weekend orgy in the country.  Of course, the seductive Earl of Trent, a fixture in her private art and thoughts, could escort Venetia to the infamous party.  Against his better judgment, Marcus agrees.  Who else will protect the willful and innocent woman?  Venetia, however, isn't the only one being blackmailed.  Lydia seems to have something on everyone attending the party, including Marcus.  In the midst of debauchery, intrigue, and danger, can Marcus protect Venetia...even from himself?

Combining breathtaking sensual abandon and a clever story, Sharon Page's Sin was a joy to read!  Ms. Page deftly balances romance, mystery, and explicit sexuality.  Often in erotic romance, the rocket hot passion comes at the expense of the story.  Not so with Sin.  The intriguing whodunit kept me guessing, while Venetia and Marcus left me panting for more.  Marus was simply delicious.  He is wicked, but he truly cares about Venetia.  Venetia was a bit of a contradiction, ready to experience everything, but with no real idea what she's asking.  At times her inexperience and stubbornness unnecessarily caused problems, but I thought her character worked well within the story.  The orgy scenes were elegantly portrayed, overflowing with indulgent, deviant delights.  Normally, orgies leave me cold, but I loved the juxtaposition of the lewd but tantalizing bacchanal and the beauty of Marcus and Venetia's evolving relationship.  I was utterly captivated by the lush and vivid story.  I simply couldn't put it down.

Sin is the complete package: a scorching hot historical romance with an engrossing mystery.  I Joyfully Recommend Sin!


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