Secrets of a Duchess by Kaitlin O’Riley
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8092-3
Reviewer: Melissa




When their father dies, Caroline Armstrong and her sister, Emma, quickly find themselves living with their grandmother in London.  They had lived in genteel poverity with their father, so while suddenly finding themselves thrust into husband hunting during the London Season might seem like a great thing to Emma, it definitely wasn’t what Caroline wanted.  She had promised her heart to her American sweetheart who had returned home to fight in America’s Civil War.  She’s determined not to let herself be forced into husband hunting and contrives to make herself as unattractive and unsociable as possible.  Alexander Woodard, Duke of Woodborough, was also hiding out from an unwanted attention.  Alex knew that if he didn’t come up with something soon he could quite possibly find himself leg shackled the one woman he was sure he didn’t want.  So when he comes across Caroline on a secluded balcony he thinks he’s found the solution to both their problems.  They have a pretend engagement.  The more time he spends with Caroline the more determined he becomes to make sure their pretend engagement ends up in a real marriage.  But when Caroline’s sweetheart shows up the secret she’s kept hidden comes out.  Can Alex and Caroline find away around the possible scandal?

Secrets of a Duchess is a stellar debut for Kaitin O’Riley.  I literally read this book in one sitting!  I can’t remember the last time I was so impressed by a first time historical author!  Strikingly emotional and sensually satisfying. Secrets of a Duchess is just plain great reading!  Historical romance lovers will want keep a close eye on Kaitin O’Riley!


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