Running with the Devil by Lorelei James
Samhain Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-318-4
Reviewed by Gracie




Kenna Jones cannot believe her instant attraction to this man who “claims” to be one of Jerry’s friends, but there is absolutely no way that she can deny those feelings.  Kenna met Jerry a year ago while she was escorting him around Sturgis.  Kenna really is not an escort, but she needs the money to pay for grad school.

Drake March is an undercover DEA agent trying to bring down a ring of drug dealers who go by the name of Diablo.  Kenna is the agency’s only connection to the group since Jerry ended up dead.  Drake wants Kenna, but he does not mix business with pleasure…usually.

Drake “convinces” Kenna to be his escort like she was for Jerry as he attempts to find out exactly what she knows.  Kenna is not happy about being forced to be Drake’s escort, but he promises to pay her and she needs the money to pay for school.  As Drake and Kenna work together their attraction becomes too much to ignore.  Drake brings out a side of Kenna that she has never experienced, but she worries he is only attracted to her “Kenna” personality not the real person.  Drake cannot believe he has let things go so far between them, but he just wants more and more of Kenna.  As the investigation heats up, Kenna’s life is put in danger.  Will their relationship be strong enough to survive or is it just the circumstances that are making their emotions run so high?

Running with the Devil was a hot, hot, hot read!!  Kenna is a sexy woman who seems a little naïve about the world around her.  Drake is smoking sexy and pretty much all man who believes in getting the job done at any cost.  The sexual tension between these two was great and I really enjoyed the Sturgis backdrop.  Lorelei James knows how to write fun, sexy, and hot stories with characters you want to get to know better.  I absolutely loved Running with the Devil and I cannot wait to read more Lorelei James!


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