Pleasures Of The Night by Sylvia Day
Dream Guardians, Book 1
Harper Collins Avon
Fantasy Romantica
ISBN: 10: 0-06-123098-7 and 13: 9780061230981
Reviewed by Lyonene




According to legend, the Nightmares found a Key into their old world and spread, killing everything.  The Elders barely had time to create a fissure within abbreviated space that allowed them to escape into a conduit plane between the human dimension and the one the Guardians had been forced to leave behind.  Nearly immortal, the Guardians are dedicated to battling the Nightmares, the Healers and Nurturers are dedicated to healing those damaged.  All this is done in the realm of dreams…

The Elite Guardians have one primary mission: find the Key and destroy it.  Spending their lives fighting Nightmares, each Elite Guardian searches for that one Dreamer that may be the Key that would destroy their world.  For many years now Aidan Cross, Captain of the Elite Guard, has doubted the existence of the Key.  One night, Aidan is ordered to approach a dreamer that has built a barrier that stops Guardians and Nightmares alike from crossing into her dreams.  Being a legend among his people for being the best Guardian that there has ever been, Aidan prepares himself for an assignment like no other he’s faced before.  Not expecting to be able to complete his assignment successfully, Aidan is surprised when the Dreamer opens the door to him without a fight. 

Lyssa Gates has been sick and has had sleep disorders as far back as she can remember, including a particularly frightening stretch of time where she was plagued by nightmares as a child.   After constant misdiagnoses and medications of one sort or another to help her sleep, she’s had enough.  Convinced that she’s not going to live for all that much longer, she’s decided that she’s had enough of being treated as a pincushion and has given up on the doctors’ ability to help.   Lyssa spends most of her time at her veterinary clinic where she helps small animals and has an affinity with her patients that few other vets are blessed with.

There was yet another pounding on her door, demanding entrance.  Lyssa doesn’t know who these people are, but all she wants to do is sleep.  Tired, she was always so tired.   A deep voice with a luscious accent answers her question of who is at the door this time.  Again, the answer she receives is whoever she wants it to be.  Idiots.  If he can’t answer with the truth, he can just go the hell away. 

Aidan is surprised when the Dreamer behind the door knows that she’s in a dream.  After she allows him in, she seems to feel that she can trust him even though she doesn’t know a thing about him.   There’s something different about her she makes him feel.  For centuries, he’s buried his emotions but this one small woman reaches him without trying, makes him want what he’s never allowed himself to.  Before long he realizes that he needs her, she fills the void in him that he never thought could ever be filled…he needs to get away from her, fast. 

Pleasures Of The Night is one of those rare books that completely took over my consciousness.  I stepped into this alternate reality and I not only felt completely at home, it had me believing that ‘this’ is possible.  Pleasures Of The Night can only be called an absolutely divine read.  Filled with humor, action, danger, love and passion that surpassed even my highest hopes…I can do nothing else but joyfully recommend this book.  I’m almost seriously thinking about stalking Ms. Day until she releases the next story in this series!!  I can’t wait to see Connor and Wager again and I want a Guardian of my own!


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