Orange Moon by Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan
Loose ID
Contemporary Yaoi
ISBN 978-1-59632-414-5
Reviewed by Niniri




Boy-band singer and pop idol, Hideki Sakae, is between a rock and a hard place with his upcoming solo album.  Complications from his manager, to session musicians, are holding him back when a chance meeting with the heavy metal stars of ChildsPrey gives him an unexpected boost.  The musical alchemy between Hideki and the famous bassist, Toru, bubbles out of the studio and into their lives.

Toru wants a second chance, and he'll do anything to hang onto true love.  The rewards of being a heavy metal star with a reputation for sensual exploits on and off stage, international acclaim and success are not enough.  He aches for something more, a craving that only a soulmate can satisfy.  But the public image of a pop idol is a far more fragile a thing than an established rock star.  Will they find a way to be together, or will they go their separate ways for the good of Hideki's career?

Orange Moon is both a touching love story, a comedy of errors and sober look at the harsh reality of fame.  Toru and Hideki are both living, breathing beings on the pages of the story.  I found myself laughing at their hijinks and rooting for them to make a go of things.  Readers won't be disappointed by this tale of seemingly star-crossed lovers, as Ms. Cain and Ms. Sheridan have created a story that I'll be sure to read again.  I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel to this tale!


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