Made For Each Other by Morgan Ashbury
Siren Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-933563-02-8
Reviewed by Tera




When Charlie arrived at Lesley Farmerís house to quote him a price to fix the damage done by a fallen tree, she ends up with way more than she expected. Something about the nerdy librarian stuck with her after she left, but she couldnít come up with a single thing to rationalize it. When Leslie shows up at her house later in the evening to pick up the quote, sparks fly and they end up naked. But Charlie doesnít want a relationship, especially with someone her polar opposite. So what happens now?

Lesley knows thereís something special about the contractor he called to take care of the tree thatís now in the middle of his house. He arrives at her house to pick up his quote and canít help himself when he sees her. But now that heís had her, can he find a way to keep her?

Made for Each Other was an absolutely delicious read from beginning to end. The characters were well drawn and pulled me right into their world. I loved the combination of a woman construction worker and a male university librarian falling for each other. It was something new and refreshing. Morgan did a wonderful job with this one. And watch out for those steamy sex scenes! I had to keep the fan on and a glass of water nearby and really recommend it.


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