Lisa’s Gift by Mackenzie McKade
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary/Ménage with m/f/f
ISBN: 1-59998-497-0
Reviewed by Shannon




Jana Ryan is coming home, whether she likes it or not.  After years of being abused at the hands of her foster father, Jana only has two good memories from growing up; her best friend, Lisa Calloway, and her crush, Nicolas Marchetti.  Pulling into Lisa’s driveway, she realizes that it’s time for a new start.  The last thing she expected to see was Lisa and Nicolas locked together in an incredibly intimate moment.

What started out awkward and painful for Jana, quickly turns confusing when Nicolas makes it clear he wants to be with her.  Making things even more complicated is the fact that Lisa seems determined to throw them together.  Jana finally gives in to them and herself, and ends up having an incredible night together with both Lisa and Nicolas, which starts an incredible journey into submission.

Nicolas has needs that he makes no secret of.  He’s a Dom and Lisa and Jana are the perfect women for him.  So why does he keep looking at Jana differently?  He’s not the happily ever after, one-woman-only type of man, is he?  And what about Lisa?

Lisa’s Gift was absolute perfection.  Jana and Lisa have been best friends for years, and Lisa was the only one Jana could turn to growing up.  Because of this, they have a wonderful bond that comes across clearly on the pages.  Nicolas is so caring of both of them, that he makes the perfect addition.  The sex is incredibly hot, drawn out and detailed to the last degree.   There are a lot of BDSM scenes and they had me panting throughout, especially when Nicolas’ friend is introduced.  I’m dying for a story about him now!

I was torn by what happened to Lisa, but it was so beautifully written that I felt so happy at the end.  I loved Lisa’s Gift and quite happily Joyfully Recommend it to everyone that is looking for a look at a caring and incredibly passionate relationship.


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