Kinkily Ever After by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909375
Light BDSM/Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Tanya




Amy is an executive who has just wrapped up a highly successful, but stressful project at work.  Now she is thinking that she needs to spend some time working on her personal life.  Amy’s best friend Nikki thinks Amy has not taken her personal life as seriously as she needs to and she has just the man for her.  But, all of her matchmaking attempts have gone awry, so she has enlisted her fiancé’s help and he agrees with her that Amy and his cousin, Derek, would be perfect for each other.

Joel tells his cousin that Amy is going to place an add in a local personals section “Kinky Delights” but tells Derek that he and Nikki can get Amy’s add pulled if he will call her and set up a date.  Seeing as Derek has always liked a little kink, but not too much he agrees.

At the same time Amy is hearing an identical story from Nikki but in this case, Derek is the one who is placing the add.  Amy has always liked a little kink but only if the guy is willing to keep it in the bedroom.  She is a strong, successful woman and isn’t interested in giving up all of her control.

On the way to an adult store before his date with Amy, Derek bumps into a kindly old woman who insists on doing a Tarot card reading for him.  He turns up the Ten of Cups for his future and is told this is the “Happily Ever After” card.  He finds this intriguing and hangs onto the card, wondering just how true this might be.

Kinkily Ever After is highly recommended by me, for those who like a little BDSM in their stories.   Elizabeth Lapthorne gives her leading characters just enough insecurity to be believable and she lets you into their thoughts.  That being said, this book was smoking hot and appears to be the start of a series from Ellora’s Cave.  This book is going on my list of recommended hot reads.


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