In Flames by Michelle Perry
Cerridwen Press
Sensual Romantic Suspense
ISBN 9781419907845
Reviewed by Nannette




Nika Jacks is a firefighter.  She loves her job but her dream is to become a smokejumper.  When Nika gets a letter informing her to report to the National Forestry office in Arizona to begin training as a Hotshot, she is thrilled to be one step closer to her goal.   Being a woman in a male dominated career is hard, but Nika is tough and smart, and soon she impresses those around her including her ex husband Scott and sexy convict crewmember J.T Riley. Unfortunately she gains the interest of a stalker too and he’s becoming more persistent.

In Flames is full of danger, suspense, and romance.  I couldn’t put it down. I was still guessing who the stalker could be until the very end.  Nika is amazing. She is strong, tough, beautiful and witty, and she is surrounded by gorgeous men.  I want to be her!  I have mixed feelings about Scott, but I know exactly how I feel about J.T., I want him!   Michelle Perry has penned another fantastic romantic suspense story with In Flames.


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