In Another Manís Bed by Francis Ray
Invincible Women series
St. Martinís Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0312356132
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




The ultimate betrayalÖ

Justine Crandall thought she had the perfect marriage.  However, after six years of what she thought was a blissful martial affair, Justine finds out that not all is well within her perceived magical paradise.  Instead of surprising her husband, Andrew, at their cabin in the mountains; Justine is flabbergasted to find Andrew in bed with another woman!  Justine quickly flees the cabin vowing to never have anything else to do with her cheating husband.  Then, an even more horrifying thing happens.  As Justine is speeding away from the cabin down the very curvy mountain with Andrew hot on her tail, all of a sudden Andrew veers off the cliff around a sharp turn as he tries to miss a deer crossing the highway.  Justine immediately saves Andrewís life by pulling him from the wreckage. 

Hours later, Justine is in the hospital with a comatose, cheating husband whom she really doesnít want to be around and playing the role of a very worried, loving wife.  To add more fuel to her already out-of-control burning fire, the doctors are recommending that she remove Andrew from the life support machine while his mother insists that he is going to make a full recovery if both she and Justine spend every waking moment with Andrew. 

Back into her life walked Dalton Ramsey, Justineís old flame.  The feelings that Justine thought were once buried resurface with a vengeance causing an internal struggle between the loyalty to her comatose husband and her desire to be with the one man that she never truly got over. 

Will Justine be able to make the best decisions for everyone?

Let me start off by saying that upon completion of this book Justine Crandall truly knew what if felt like to go to hell and back again.  In Anotherís Man Bed will take you on a fierce, emotional rollercoaster ride.  There were so many twists and turns within this plot to keep your interest in high gear from start to finish.  The electrifying passion that flowed between Justine and Dalton was unsurprisingly compassionate, told in a timely manner and ended up being an explosive action to watch blossom.  You will not be disappointed with In Anotherís Man Bed.  And, readers, you are in for a wonderful, sweet, double treat with In Anotherís Man Bed.  I wonít give away too much about the double treat Ė only that it was a great addition to this well-told storyline.  You will have to pick up In Anotherís Man Bed to find out for yourself.  In Anotherís Man Bed was a story filled with enormous heart and soul and I recommend it to all.


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