How to Ruin a Season by Jennifer Mueller
Dark Castle Lords Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-921347-08-5
Reviewed by Tanya




Sophie is the daughter of a Baron and as such is expecting to have a wonderful first season in London.  But, she finds that mid way through the season that she is suddenly persona none gratis and she doesn’t know why.  She finds out the shocking truth by overhearing an Earl speaking to a friend at a ball.   

Now 2 years later while Sophie is starting to reconcile herself to a life as a spinster, and trying not to throttle her mother, a rescue of sorts happens.  Sophie’s Cousin Mariah and her widowed Aunt, Lady Sandbourne, show up and offer her a trade.  For the use of her barouche for the season, Lady Sandbourne will give Sophie her old dresses and the use of her seamstress to make a new wardrobe and sponsor her in London.  While the offer seems too good to be true, Sophie’s parents agree to the trade and Sophie is off to London.

Shortly after arriving in London two things happen to Sophie, first, she runs into a childhood friend, Phillippa, who is now married and rather pleased to see her.  And second, she is attacked on the street in front of Lady Sandbourne’s.  She is saved from the attack by a man she later runs into at the Opera. Sophie is taking more notice of Mr. Kittridge.  When Mr. Kittridge offers to help keep Sophie safe, as well as find out what the status of her brother is in the army and look into the mystery around the attacks on her, she is further charmed by him.  Unfortunately Sophie notices that Lady Sandbourne seems to think only a titled man is worth Sophie’s time and continually refuses to let her see anyone that isn’t titled, much to Sophie’s frustration.  There is more going on with Lady Sandbourne than meets the eye, but you must read the book to find that out not only that but whom Sophie winds up with.

I thoroughly enjoyed How to Ruin a Season and recommend it.  The characters were well developed with a number of twists and turns happening throughout the book.  Ms. Mueller does a good job at showing the snooty side of the Ton as well as how first impressions can make a lasting impression.  I too wanted to throttle one of the main characters before the story is done.  I think this is a good genre for the author and I look forward to seeing more from Jennifer Mueller in the future.


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