Graceful Submission by Melinda Barron
Loose Id
BDSM Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-402-2
Reviewed by Jo




Schoolteacher and aspiring author, Grace Kinison leads a pretty dull life for the most part.  However, her life has recently been taken to the extremes in two ways. A co-worker has taken a sudden sexual awareness of her that she does not share and he wonít leave her alone.  The second is helping arrange the surprise birthday party for a childhood friend that brings her into contact with Toffer.

Toffer Shelly is both a Hollywood TV star, under the name of Drake Dawson, and a Dom.  Toffer agrees to help a friend arrange his wifeís surprise birthday party with her childhood friend, Grace.  While exchange emails, Toffer begins to realize that Grace just might be the submissive he has been looking for. 

Grace and Toffer begin a cyber relationship while arranging the birthday party, which leads into a Dominant/submissive arrangement.  During this time Grace tells Toffer of what has been happening with her life at her job.  Grace believes that Toffer is a co-writer on the same series as her friends, never dreaming he is the sexy leading man.  Trouble at her school lets Grace come to Los Angeles for the party early, but Grace learns that her cyber Dom is everything and nothing like she expected.  Toffer is determined to have Grace see him as Toffer, not the TV star Drake, and he takes Grace on a sexual journey of discovery which adds to her self-confidence.  Can Grace use this newfound knowledge in her dealings with the school board and her relationship with Toffer?

Graceful Submission engages the reader on many levels.  Grace is a schoolteacher who truly cares for her students.  She also has a secret fantasy that Grace has kept hidden.  Toffer mostly gave up his Dom lifestyle when he became the public star, Drake.  Once Toffer and Grace discover each other it takes no time before their special relationship springs to life.  I read Graceful Submission quickly so that I could follow Grace and Tofferís journey.  The trust and caring that encompassed even the most basic level of their love was clearly and emotionally expressed.  When Grace had to face her past problems, Tofferís strength and love had me hoping and cheering for them both.  The ending was everything I could have hoped for and had me closing the last page with a sigh.  Graceful Submission is not only a must read, even if you donít normally read BDSM novels, but one you (and I) will want to keep on your shelf to re-read.  It is definitely a Joyfully Recommend Read novel for me.


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