Finding Chloe by Tracy Sharp
Leah Ryan Series, Book 2
Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59578-309-1
Reviewed by Gracie




Leah Ryan is a spunky repo agent who has a soft spot for the underdog and the ability to find the answers they are looking for.  So, when a street kid approaches her to help find his missing girlfriend, Chloe, how can she refuse?

Cal Parker has been Leah’s boyfriend, for lack of a better word, for over a year and he is ready to take their relationship to the next level.  Cal is not prepared, however, to stand by and watch Leah put herself in danger again, especially after last time.

Leah is having some problems moving to the next level of intimacy with Cal especially when things seem to be going so well.  Leah knows that if she takes this “case,” she will be jeopardizing her relationship with Cal, but she needs to help.  Leah enlists the help of her friend, Jack, and before she knows it they are in much deeper than they ever imagined or wanted to be.  Will Leah be able to find the missing Chloe without completely losing everything that is important to her?

Finding Chloe is another great read by Tracy Sharp.  Leah Ryan is a tough woman who has more heart and loyalty than she sometimes knows what to do with.  Cal Parker is sexy guy who keeps you rooting for their relationship to make it throughout the story.  While Finding Chloe is not your traditional happily ever after, it definitely keeps you hoping and rooting for these two to find a perfect balance to their relationship.  Tracy Sharp knows how to write sexy, action-packed stories!  All I can say is Leah Ryan is back with a vengeance and I definitely hope to see more of this wonderful series.  It rocks!


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