Drew and Vince by Bobby Michaels
Jock Dorm Series, Book 2
Loose Id
LGBT Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-416-9
Reviewed by Shannon




Drew Halversohn has finally gotten things on track.  Estranged from his brother, Gregg, for years, he has just recently made things right with the help of Gregg’s lover, Dar.  Now, Drew has the chance of a lifetime.  He’s going to wrestle for the same University team as Gregg, a chance to be beside the brother he’s always loved.  Maybe this will also be his chance to get to know the handsome wrestler he couldn’t keep his eyes off at Gregg’s last tournament – Vince Collucci.

Vince Collucci has just recently discovered his sexuality.  For years, he thought his fooling around with other men was just that – fooling around and releasing some tension.  But, his feelings have made themselves known from watching the love that Gregg and Dar have together.  He once joked that he wanted to know if Gregg had a brother, but he never expected to be roomed with him and to fall in love.

Drew can’t keep his mind or his eyes off Vince.  He figures the other man would never return his feelings, but Vince has a surprise in store for Drew.  The two men come together explosively, admitting their love and finding a comfortable life together.  Now that they have each other, can Drew and Vince survive everything that comes after falling in love?

I couldn’t wait for Drew’s and Vince’s story after becoming fascinated with both men in Dar and Gregg.  At first I was concerned that they had fallen in love too fast, but I should have known better!  Bobby Michaels blew my mind away with Drew and Vince.  It is an incredibly passionate and loving portrayal of two men so far in love they will endure anything together.

Drew and Vince is a story I simply couldn’t put down. I cried at the hardships they endured and was left smiling through all the good times.  In sickness and in health, both men are secure in their love and the support of their closest friends and family.  When I reached the last page, I sat stunned, waiting for everything to sink in.  Drew and Vince has catapulted to the top of my list of favourite reads.  Bobby Michaels has written a beautiful story, one that reminds me that there are people out there willing to go the distance for their loved ones. I can’t recommend Drew and Vince highly enough!!  If you love well-written, beautifully crafted stories with well-rounded, fascinating characters, you must simply go out and grab Drew and Vince immediately!


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