Anchor and Storm by Kate Poole
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Historical/Ménage
ISBN: 9781419910050
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Emily Sinclair doesn’t know what she is going to do.  As a governess, she is at the mercy of her employer and Emily’s has just decided to put his children in boarding school.  Her options are limited, especially when she is told by her employer that they might be able to come to an “agreement”.  Rescue comes in the form of Edgar Armstrong, her employer’s uncle and the Earl of Callander.  When he asks her to travel with him, Emily reluctantly agrees thinking that he will want more than what she is willing to give.  She doesn’t realize that soon she will want forever.

Edgar Armstrong knows that the disease he has is progressing and when he meets Emily at his nephew’s home, realizing what his nephew is resorting to, Edgar makes a proposition to Emily.  In return for his protection, Edgar will make Emily his companion while he travels and visits the world.  When she quietly agrees, Edgar’s heart is full of joy at the thought of spending what time he has left with her by his side.  Only one thing threatens their happiness, one thing both Emily and Edgar desire very much; children.

Angus MacNeill is the groom for the Earl of Callander.  When he sees and realizes who Emily is, arousal hits him and then he becomes angry.  Because of a huge wrench of fate, this once laird of a Scottish clan was now reduced to serving another.  When Edgar comes to Angus with a plan, Angus agrees but only because of Emily.  He has no way of knowing the strength and fortitude of the love both he and Edgar will feel for the woman that is Emily.

When I read the blurb for Anchor and Storm, I had no idea how poignant it would be.  It said, “Ménage” and I wanted to read this story.  I began to read. My heart pounded, my palms sweated and tears fell down my face.  Anchor and Storm is without a doubt one of the most beautiful stories I have read in a very long time.  Emily’s love for Edgar was innocent, yet steamy.  Her love for Angus was passionate and oftentimes forceful.  Both men loved her and I could feel their love for her on each page that I read.  I truly did not want Anchor and Storm to end and when it did, I made sure I had enough tissue. It was just that emotional.  This book was powerful and I am still thinking about it hours after having finished.  I have no choice but to joyfully recommend Anchor and Storm.  It should not be missed. 


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