The Quickening by Antonia Tiranth

Tales of the Rikashi, Book One

Lyrical  Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-418-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Josephine (Jo or Phi to her friends, never Josie) seems to be stuck in a rut.  The only man that she has ever had a crush on was her best friend Aer, who disappeared five years ago without a word.  So as Jo’s best friend keeps trying to set her up, she never seems to find the right man.  Then, just as she has decided to give up hope on Aer, he shows up and asks her for help, as she is the only one that he is willing to share his secret with and who will help him.

Phi could never say no to Aer before, now that she knows he is a dragon shifter there is no way she is backing down.  She has always loved dragons and is amazed to find they exist and that she seems connected to then.  Though she is still miffed at Aer for running five years ago, she is willing to let him try and explain, and to help him.

So now in the span of 48 hours she has learned about another race of beings, helped save a dragon shifter (Aer’s brother), found a dragon egg and has been attacked.  Add to this the sexual tension that is building between Aer and Phi and you have an explosive fast paced story in The Quickening.

I have just found a new must read author and series in Antonia Tiranth’s - Rikashi Series.  I loved Phi’s character not only was she a spunky woman but she was willing to fight for what she wanted, and dealt wonderfully with changes as they happened.  I was pulled in from the beginning and was disappointed that it ended; though I have since discovered it is a series (yeah!), heading right over to get the next installment (The Gathering).  I Joyfully Recommend The Quickening, as this is the highest rating I can give it.


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