Sucker for Love by Kimberly Raye

Dead End Dating, Book 5


Erotic Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0-345-50366-4; 0-345-50366-X

Reviewed by Sabella



Lil Marchette is a Born Vampire who is as into fashion as any runway model and she pretends to be a Bad Ass Vampire, but in the inside she is a softhearted, romantic fashionista.  She is continually struggling to keep her business, Dead End Dating, afloat and one step ahead of the creditors and having to move back home with her parents.  Really, isnít being five hundred old enough to live on your own?  Apparently, Lilís parents didnít get the memo on that or the fact that she doesnít want to be set up with any of the Łbber snob Born Vampires her mother is constantly setting her up with.  And on top of that, Lil is on the fence about introducing to her family her super-hot boyfriend Ty to her family, since he is a Made Vampire and thatís a no-no for Born Vampires like Lil.

This time Lil has hit upon the perfect idea to give her business a lift Ė the Meet and Greet of the century for all supernatural beings.  All is going well, until one of Lilís favorite clients, Esther, comes up missing, leaving a huge trail of blood in her wake.  As Lil straps on her Bad Ass Vampire sling backs she sets out to investigate the whereabouts of Esther and save her at all costs.  But will Lil have the chance when she has to balance her nosy family, keep her business running, keep Ty under wraps and battle a nefarious Warlock for Estherís life?

Sucker for Love is an amazing funny book will have you rolling in laughter as Lil valiantly struggles against fashion challenged people, the blistering heat of Texas and her meddling mother.  Lil is absolutely hilarious with her witty internal dialogue and crazy antics to keep all the balls sheís juggling in the air.  In the spirit of the best vampire comedies, Sucker for Love will floor you with Lil as the classic anti-vampire and a family that nobody would wish on anyone Ė but they and Lilís kooky friends will have you laughing out loud as it keeps you glued to your seat and turning the pages way past your bedtime!  Kimberly Raye keeps the fire going in the vampire genre in this fifth installment of the Dead End Dating universe, which will leave you eagerly waiting for the next installment of the series.  I absolutely loved, loved, loved Sucker for Love to the point that I canít wait to see what comes next as this is an extraordinary book that will pull you into the story from the get-go and leave you wishing for more of Lil and her band of unique friends and family!  Get yourself Sucker for Love as itís an exciting and funny romp into the life of a Bad Ass Born Vampire and her adventures!


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