Primal Fever by Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer

Siren Warrior Chronicles Series Book 4

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60313-508-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Gypsy Theron expected the military academy to be difficult.  She is more than ready to take on all the challenges that are thrown her way.  Nothing prepares her for the fact that her AEssyrian genes are dominant to the point that her first fertility cycle is started by contact with a man she has reason to resent.

General Kharon never expected to be drawn into a mating cycle with Gypsy.  As one of her instructors, it’s risky to become sexually involved with the first female to ever be accepted into the academy.  Kharon is more than willing to let nature take its course because he knows willing or not, Gypsy will be forced to yield to the primal frenzy.

The Siren Warrior Chronicles keeps on getting better and better.  Siren Warrior Book 4: Primal Fever has a distinct vibrant edge that I particularly enjoyed.  If the earlier books had loads of grit and grizzle, this fourth installment is all sass and back-breaking brass to the max. 

The sex is, at times, a pulverizing sweaty dance of lust and tangled limbs. Other times, it’s mouthwateringly risqué enough to make your insides do flip-flops.  Still, the emotional connections are all there between Gypsy, her new lover Kharon, and her family.  Harlan, Gavin, and Desmond are not just her family, they’re fundamental to the plot.  I do miss Gypsy’s best friend, Angel, and I hope she’ll make a future appearance. 

The courageous assertiveness in which Gypsy handles her business made me cheer her on and I won’t stop. She’s very young, so there’s a vulnerability she keeps well hidden beneath her chewing-on-iron-nails exterior.  At the same time, her amazing perseverance, compassion, and loyalty define her as a true warrior of the old blood, to mach her quicksilver skills.  Speaking of skills, I’m really pleased that she learns something new in each book. 

There are also some familiar faces from the first three books and a few surprising new ones with their own secrets and quirks.  The only thing I took exception to was the cliffhanger ending because I’m ready to do some major damage or grab the next part to see what happens!  Siren Warrior Book 4: Primal Fever is an electrifying and wonderfully original novella that feeds the hungry beast inside waiting to devour more of Gypsy Theron’s adventures, which is why it makes the Recommended Reads menu.  Bon appétit.


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