My Fishnet Fetish by Sahara Kelly

Sexplorations, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419919749

Reviewed by Shayna



Things are going well for Nadine Summers.  She has two wonderful best friends, fellow authors Fenny and Dee, her novels written as I.M. Blue are selling well, her Steampunk Suzie comic strips are a success, and she gets to set her own hours and dress in her favorite corset and fishnet outfits while she works.  When Detective Jonas Smith shows up on her doorstep to follow up on a police report she filed, Dini thinks she’s met the perfect man to heat up her night.

Jonas can’t believe his eyes when a stunningly erotic pixie answers the door looking like she stepped out of his favorite fantasy.  After spending just one night with her, Jonas knows Dini could be the one for him.  Trouble is Dini doesn’t do relationships, but she’s never met a man like Jonas.  Using their mutual interest of Dini in fishnets along with some very sexy kink, he’s more than up to the task of turning their “Sexploration” into something more.

Sahara Kelly cranks up the heat in this deliciously naughty addition to the sensational Sexplorations series.  My Fishnet Fetish is fast, fun, and hot enough to burn, with a love story every bit as wicked as it is romantic.

Dini has seemingly boundless energy, fitting perfectly with her pixie-ish appearance.  But for all her spirit, inquisitiveness, and daring, Dini isn’t invulnerable.  She’s loved and lost before, and is so frightened of falling in love again she has become “Diva Dini,” making it a rule to never give a repeat performance when it comes to men.  Jonas sees this and doesn’t give up on the possibility of a relationship between them.  His understanding and tenacity make him the perfect match for Dini (along with his fishnet fetish, of course).  He’s wonderfully sexy and genuinely caring as well, which doesn’t hurt in the slightest.

Like all the Sexplorations books, My Fishnet Fetish stands on its own.  However, Fenny and Dee, the heroines of the first two Sexplorations stories, Legal Briefs and The Thing About Cowboys, play strong supporting roles in this tale.  The bonds of friendship are as much a cornerstone of this series as each individual romance, making the Sexplorations books truly special.  After finishing My Fishnet Fetish I found that I enjoyed it so much I couldn’t get the story out of my head.  Each successive re-read of the story has made me love it even more.  Joyfully Recommended!


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