Lone by Rowan McBride

AQP Allure

Gay Paranormal / Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-60272-512-6

Reviewed by Cassie



Dr. Seth Anderson has spent much of his life alone, due to a terrible secret.  When he met Raphael Rafe Dirisio, he began to hope he might have a chance at a normal life, and love.  Then, on a trip out of town, they stop in at a pool hall.  Seth knows instantly that the place is full of nightkin, and hes in trouble.  All he can think about is keeping Rafe safe.

After Seth is attacked at the pool hall but somehow escapes unhurt, Rafe is concerned.  He knows something is wrong, but hes not sure what.  All of his efforts to find out only make him more confused.  When Rafe discovers the truth, everything will change. 

Lone is the best shapeshifter novel Ive read in a very long time.  Seth is the kind of conflicted character I love to read about.  He appears weak, but in many ways hes strong.  Hes spent his life in a kind of terrible loneliness that should have crushed him, yet he survived.  His little quirks and ever-present fear of being lone once more made me want him to have the happy ending he deserved.  Rafe appears strong, and is for a human, but his true strength lies within.  Despite being merely human, he has the ability to be just what Seth needs, if he can find the courage.  The plot is full of action, conflict, and emotion.  Rowan McBrides take on shapeshifters and other nightkin is fascinating.  Anyone who likes shapeshifters, unusual paranormal stories, and emotional journeys will be sure to love this one.  Im happy to Joyfully Recommend Lone, and I hope to see more paranormal and shapeshifter tales from Mr. McBride in the future.


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