Laid Bare by Lauren Dane

Berkley Heat

ISBN: 978-0425229712

Erotic Contemporary/Mťnage/ BDSM

ISBN: 978-0425229712

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Police officer Todd Keenan is as straight as they come.  He lives his life carefully, never wanting scandal or anything unsavory to be connected to his name.  The fact that he is attracted to his neighbor Erin Brown makes him unsettled Ė she is everything he is not.  Erin is confident and sexy, but Todd canít get past her seemingly nomadic and laissez faire attitude.  However, Todd isnít honest with Erin or with himself as he ends their steamy and erotic relationship.  That single decision proves to be the biggest mistake Todd has ever made in his entire life. 

After ten years Todd has finally returned to the town that started it all and he finds Erin a changed lady.  The beautiful and blatantly sexual woman he left behind is nothing like the Erin he finds working in a coffee shop.  One thing is still the same Ė Todd desires her just as much and he aims to prove that he is the man for her.  Convincing her to trust him again will take some time.  Add in the unexpected help from his best friend Ben, and Todd finds out exactly what it means to be Laid Bare

Todd and Erinís relationship is based on what happened between them years before and the horrible tragedy which happened to Erin before Toddís return.  Love is a matter of trust and Todd definitely has his hands full with Erin, thatís for sure.  Burned once by the man she loved, Erin wasnít about to give him ammunition to hurt her a second time.  I canít say that I blame her, but I am glad that she was putty in Toddís hands because her capitulation was just that much sweeter.  Add in Benís presence to this erotic contemporary and I was in reader heaven. 

The emotional intensity of Laid Bare is enough to make you bite your nails off.  Each and every love scene pushes the boundaries of power exchange and author Lauren Dane has written the characters of Erin and Todd in such a way that the reader feels their every emotion.  I was anxious, I cried, I yelled, and I blushed to high heaven.  Laid Bare affected me so totally that I went back and reread it again, just to be sure.  Consider Laid Bare joyfully recommended Ė it is just an amazing and satisfying read!


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