Hot Pursuit by Suzanne Brockmann

Troubleshooters Series, Book 15



ISBN: 978-0-345-50157-8; 0-345-50157-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Sam and Alyssa are up for an easy Troubleshooter’s assignment in New York, where they are going to “protect” a Councilwoman who seems to have garnered some negative attention.  Since this is supposed to be a short and sweet mission Sam and Alyssa decide to take baby Ashton with them.  But life has a way of making things for Alyssa and Sam harder than it needs to be.  For starters, it’s winter in New York, then the assignment turns out to be much more dangerous than expected, at the same time the men composing the team - SEALs and former SEALs - are acting like teenagers, and let’s not forget that Alyssa’s old nemesis “The Dentist” seems to be involved in what’s going on.

In the face of such danger posed by “The Dentist” and the mounting bodies, Alyssa calls on Jules Cassidy, her former FBI partner, to help with the investigation. Jules brings along Robin, his husband, to take over the babysitting duties of baby Ash.

In the meantime, Dan Gilman has been assigned to protect the Councilwoman’s assistant Jen, and against all odds they sort of end up together.  But Dan, while knowing perfectly well how to maneuver a woman into bed, manages to screw this up big time.  However, the middle of an investigation is not the time to deal with it.  But will Dan ever get the chance make things right?

Hot Pursuit, A Troubleshooters Novel is the fifteenth installment of the Troubleshooters series and it continues in true Suzanne Brockmann fashion. This novel is action packed and the characters’ internal dialogue is peppered with sharp wit and hilarious observations.  In this installment, Sam and Alyssa are center stage and fans will get to see how exactly two Alpha’s deal with each other and balance it all so well – aside from the lingering satisfaction of seeing Sam and Alyssa together after all the difficulty leading up to this point.  Jules and Robin also get a piece of the stage and share in the action, while increasing the flow of passion and emotion in the story. As usual of the Troubleshooters novels, there is a secondary romance, this time between Jen and Dan.  Jen is revealed to be a sensible woman that is more than capable of holding her own, but smart enough to call for help when things get hairy.  Dan, even though he is an old favorite, was a surprise. Getting the inside track of his thought process made him the quintessential caveman, rather than the perfect man that we usually get in Brockmann’s books.  In the end, there are several loose romantic ends that I look forward to seeing resolved in the next installment of the series.  Hot Pursuit is full of action, suspense, plenty of passion, humor, and men hot enough to melt the polar ice pack – all the hallmarks of a great Suzanne Brockmann book.  Pick up Hot Pursuit and catch up with some of your favorite Troubleshooters characters!


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