Ghostland by Jory Strong

Berkley Sensation

Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0-425-22606-3

Reviewed by Willow



Since the last war, Aisling, a shamaness, and other supernaturals like her have been fighting for survival. They are different and it has become essential that they hide what they are from society. Aisling and her family do well in hiding until a priest comes to find her. Against her wishes and certain she will not survive, Aisling leaves her home with only her spirit guide Aziel.

Aisling is needed to locate a missing woman, to see if she is dead or not. In the process of searching the Ghostlands, Aziel gives Aisling a name to call for help. It is Zureal en Caym, a demon of the House of the Scorpion, son of a demon prince. And he vows to kill her for summoning him.

Zureal feels an urgency to find the one who summoned him and destroy her before she can bind him to her will. He is given permission to seek her out and has every intention of killing her. But first he must locate a stone tablet that could be detrimental to the Djin. And he needs Aisling to help him find it.

As they search for the tablet and those who are creating a substance called Ghost, they are drawn to one another. Their attraction is forbidden by his people and abhorred by hers. Both know this and fight the attraction until they are swept away by the lust and the other deeper feelings they have not acknowledged yet. Will they overcome the barriers they face or will they succumb to the dangers they are challenged by?

Iím new to urban fantasy. Iíve heard other people talk about liking it. I have to say that, for me, Ghostland was a great introduction. It has many of the elements that make a book really stand out for me. Strong characters, an intricate storyline and love that triumphs over all obstacles. But there is so much more tugging at the edges of my mind and imagination. The set up is there for more. This is only the beginning of the story. I personally canít wait to see where it goes from here. I Joyfully Recommend Ghostland.


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