Beloved Vampire by Joey W. Hill

Vampire Queen, Book 4

Berkley Heat

Vampire Erotic/BDSM Romance

ISBN: 978-0425227954

Reviewed by Jambrea


Jessica is on a journey to her death, following the tale of true love to its final resting place. She escaped a master vampire and only wants to die in the presence of the beauty that died so long ago for love.

Mason watches as a strange woman defends his dead beloved. He may be a vampire, but something calls out for him to save the girl.

Can the two over come Jessicaís fear of vampires and Masonís fear of losing another love? Will the vampire world allow it?

Beloved Vampire is spectacular is all itís raw glory. I loved Vampireís Claim and hoped that Beloved Vampire would be just as good and Joey W. Hill did not disappoint. To tell you the truth, for me, Beloved Vampire was even better. It starts with such heartbreak and loss. Jessica is so strong and she doesnít even know it. Mason is just as lost as Jessica. They need each other to become whole again. The passion and sensuality are all there in Beloved Vampire but it is so much more. It is really about the strength of character to survive hell.

Ms. Hill weaves the world of BDSM into the mastery of vampire life so effortlessly, itís like they were fated to be together. It is nice to see such a domineering characterís love for his submissive. Beloved Vampire shows the beauty of a true D/s relationship in a way I would like to see more of in stories.

The beauty of Jessica and Mason in Beloved Vampire is just cause to Joyfully Recommended that everyone read this tale of life, love and overcoming one of the biggest obstacles, yourself.


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