Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow

MLR Press

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60820-026-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Growing up an orphan, abused by the priest charged with his care, and feeling like he never fit in, Becket ‘Beck’ Merriday is now Chief of Police in Irenic, NY.  Beck cannot shake the idea of living with an unfilled heart and an empty soul.  He also battles with guilty feelings towards estranged wife Catherine and his desires for coworker Lt. Sean Logan. Beck doesn’t know which way to turn.

A body is discovered and then another, both butchered beyond explanation.  Beck soon learns that there is much more going on under the surface.  A war that has raged since the dawn of man has come to Beck’s door and there is no turning back.  Two beings, God’s chosen, want Beck for their own.  They have the answers Beck desperately wants about himself, but at what cost to everyone around him?

Angels of the Deep is a powerful tale of redemption, commitment, sacrifice, and finally love in its purest form.  To say practically anything about the characters or story would possibly give away one of the many twists and turns in Angels of the Deep.  What I can say is that sometimes the narrative is too long and I know little to nothing about the Nephilim, but I couldn’t put Angels of the Deep down once I started reading.  To me the best stories make you think or laugh or cry as the tale progresses and that’s exactly what you get in Angels of the Deep.  Some readers won’t care for the extremely explicit M/M lovemaking or the awful forced sex, however, Angels of the Deep delves into the true meaning of choice, sacrifice and love.  I Joyfully recommend Angels of the Deep because it is special, it is unique, and it deserves the spotlight.


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