Your Magic or Mine? by Ann Macela

Medallion Press


ISBN: 9781933836324

Reviewed by Chris



Botanist Dr. Gloriana Morgan comes from a large, cozy, sibling-riddled magic-oriented clan who are all invested in the family’s organic herbal farm. Having that background, it’s no surprise she is a proponent of traditional magic working. Think messy magic, lots of practicing, cauldrons, and spell-casting.

Gloriana’s nemesis, Dr. Marcus Forscher, is a mathematical genius who has come up with a way to formulize and “clean-up” the magic working process. Marcus is really Gloriana’s opposite. Though aware of his successes, his parents are both stuffy folks with careers of their own. He’s an only child and a neat freak.

Ed Hearst, the Editor of The Witches and Warlock Journal, is the catalyst that brings these two folks together. He concocts a city-to-city debate tour to garner attention to his magazine

 and generate a buzz in the magical practitioner community. Whether he’s expecting the swarm of angry hornets that emerges from the shake-up is something that’s not really addressed in the novel. But as with most debates, sides form, radicals emerge, and someone is bound to get hurt.

Don’t get your grundies in a bundle. No one is ACTUALLY hurt. The threat of bodily harm just lingers like a leftover-from-lunch garlic breath specter. Along the tour, Marcus and Gloriana realize they’re soul mates. The Imperative, a nebulous ancient magic, strongly encourages them to consummate their budding relationship. Due to his upbringing, Marcus has already decided he’ll never take a soul mate. And Gloriana is looking for someone to share more of her interests than just a taste in the same breed of dog and a need to go jogging whenever life shakes her up.

At nearly five hundred fifty pages, Your Magic or Mine is not a book to be picked up by the casual reader. I don’t want to sound shallow, but when I read a paranormal-type story, I expect a somewhat action oriented plot. You know – killing, kidnapping, magical spells gone awry- that sort of thing. Not the case here. The book is a slow, meandering, and sometimes excruciatingly detailed exploration of the attraction between two college professors who just happen to practice magic. Having worked in a college environment I can say, without a doubt, Ms. Macela nailed these two characters’ personalities. I’m just not certain they are dynamic enough to carry a rather ho-hum plot for over five hundred pages.

That said, there is nothing wrong with the writing. Clear, articulate, and well-thought out, the type of reader concerned about head-hopping dialogue, proper editing and such won’t be disappointed. The destined-mate plot line has been redone a zillion times, but Ms. Macela does manage to insert some creativity into that arena. Perhaps if I had read the previous two Morgan-sibling stories, I would have been invested in the first thousand pages of these characters’ lives and eagerly awaiting the next five hundred. Reading this as a standalone novel, Your Magic or Mine doesn’t suck me in like other paranormal authors’ writing does. The glimmer of subtle and intellectual humor doled out like a selfish child forced to share his Halloween candy makes me wish Ms. Macela would have dipped her toes a bit further into that area. I’d like to see her try her hand at a humorous contemporary romance or something a little lighter.

Looking for a book with just a dash of the paranormal? Your Magic or Mine is perfect. For the hardcore paranormal reader, however, you’re better off seeking for sorcerers, spells, and gory battles elsewhere.


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