Written in Blood by Luisa Prieto


Gay / Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-60272-536-2

Reviewed by Cassie



Collin Foster is not having a good week.  The story heíd intended to write exposing child prostitution had instead ended up exposing male prostitutes and some of the noblemen who visited them.  Now his friends are dragging him off to a brothel, convinced some time with a woman will cheer him up.  Unfortunately, women have no appeal for Collin, and he decides to escape.  He ends up sharing a cab with a most unusual, and attractive, man named de Sonnac, with results he could never have imagined.

Written in Blood is an interesting take on vampires.  Collin is a very conflicted character.  He wants to do good using his journalism, but he canít see how his latest story accomplished that.  He is careful and controlled, but chafes at the restrictions at times.  On top of everything else, he has to hide his desire for men from his friends.  De Sonnac is much more of a mystery.  Heís honorable in his way, and relentless when he needs to be.  Written in Blood is almost more of a suspense story than a romance.  Luisa Prieto delivers the kind of atmospheric writing Iíve come to expect from her, by turns sensual and spooky.  Thereís a bit of romance, but itís secondary to the main storyline (which I wonít spoil here).  The ending is hopeful, but not a glowing HEA by any means.  I donít know if Ms. Prieto intends to write a sequel, but I hope she does.  Her vampires are interesting enough to warrant another book, and Iím dying to see what happens to Collin and de Sonnac.


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