Working up a Sweat by Ciana Stone

Sexplorations, Book 6

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419920011

Reviewed by Shayna



Librarian and aspiring novelist Calliope Howard has just won an all-expenses paid trip to a beautiful Caribbean resort - a clothing optional resort.  For Calli, the experience is a bit nerve-wracking until she decides to take a trip to the resort’s gym and meets hunky trainer and fellow writer Leo Thatcher.  With that sharp mind and gorgeous bod, Leo’s every woman’s fantasy, and to Calli’s amazement, he’s as attracted to her as she to him.  Even as Calli contemplates having a “Sexploration” with Leo, she has to keep reminding herself that what’s between she and Leo can never last.  Or can it?

Break out the towels and turn up the fan, because Ciana Stone has written a story that is sure to make you sweat!  Working up a Sweat is a sensual, sweet, and utterly enchanting read.

Calli is a heroine you have to love.  She’s smart, kind, and though pretty, is nothing out of the ordinary and has a real woman’s insecurities about her looks when faced with a stunningly gorgeous man.  Leo isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a buff, sexy hero.  Beneath the ripped muscles there’s hidden vulnerability, and I loved seeing the layers of his character being peeled back as the story went on.  He and Calli matched each other in every way, which is one of the reasons Working up a Sweat was such a delight to read.

Working up a Sweat is the final book in the fantastic Sexplorations series, but it stands on its own.  In fact, Working up a Sweat was the first book I read of the series, and I loved it so much I immediately raced out to read the previous five.  While each book centers around a romance, at its heart, the Sexplorations series is also about the friendship between the six heroines.  I fell for Fenny, Dee, Dini, Stella, and Eden every bit as much as I did for Calli, and the genuine feelings of support and friendship between these women is what sets this series apart from others.  This book wrapped up the series perfectly.  A warm, sexy, satisfying read, Working up a Sweat was pure pleasure to read.


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