When Alex Was Bad by Jo Davis

Berkley Heat

Erotic Contemporary/Romantic Suspense/Menage

ISBN: 9780451227027

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



As Olivia Quinn watches her husband Alex almost succumb to the beauty trying to seduce him, she makes a decision.  A decision that she hopes will save her marriage and make her relationship with her husband stronger.  Olivia puts her plan into motion and discusses this with Alex.  He seems hesitant, but is unable to contain his excitement. Olivia’s plan? Alex can cheat seven times.  He is allowed to stray seven times and afterwards he has to tell Olivia everything and then accept any punishment she deems worthy.  Alex is more than aroused at the thought of this plan, but when he realizes that Olivia’s discipline will include their new next door neighbor, Jason Strickland, he is not sure what he feels.  There is more to Jason than meets the eye – but can he be trusted because there is definitely someone out to get Alex and that someone wants him dead.

As a fan of Jo Davis’ work, I requested to review When Alex Was Bad without hesitation.  This definitely wasn’t a good idea for me because I stray from books that feature the subject matter that is in When Alex Was Bad. 

Olivia and Alex were “in” love and had been married for fifteen years.  In those fifteen years, neither had fallen out of love with the other. Their lives were filled with work and their enjoyment of each other as a couple.  They didn’t fight. They didn’t say ugly things to each other.  They were a busy, professional couple.  The fact that Alex was in danger of committing adultery, did not set well with me.  I couldn’t get past the fact that he had sex with someone else, even at Olivia’s urging. 

Was When Alex Was Bad, well written? Yes. Did the characters click and seem to flow? Yes. Did the suspense of the story keep me guessing? Yes.  Will I ever read anything else written by Jo Davis? Most definitely. I just did not agree with the storyline of When Alex Was Bad and that is my problem.  Other readers will enjoy this erotic, naughty and suspenseful novel.  I just wasn’t able to at this point in time.


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