Unravel Me by Christie Ridgway

The Malibu & Ewe Trilogy, Book 2



ISBN: 978-0425224854

Reviewed by Tanya



Juliet is learning to live life alone after the death of her hero husband US Army General Weston.  She knows what she and Weston shared was real love, even if there was an age difference and his family scorns her as a gold-digger.  She had predicted she would marry him when she was 13 after all.  She has decided she will never love to that extent again.

Noah has decided that he may have been the General’s Aide and helper as he died but his widow is not going to give up on love if he has anything to do with it.  Noah has plans and the first will be to have her see him as the virile man who has been attracted to her for years.

When Juliet escapes and finds herself at a local yarn shop (Malibu & Ewe) what she finds there is more than companionship and a new hobby.  She finds a woman who looks similar to her and in face she find that she might have two sisters, who live locally even.

Will Juliet be able to let all these people into her heart, or is it closed off for good?

While some may see Unravel Me as a “cougar” story it is only that way due to the fact that the main character had married older in the first place.  I enjoyed the double plot line of seeing Juliet find love and a family that she didn’t know about.  Additionally, the fact that it all revolves around a local knitting shop makes it even more fun.  I could easily picture in my mind the schemes in Malibu & Ewe and how the energy would be catchy.  I also had fun watching how Juliet finally starts to see the super sexy Noah as more than just a helping hand.  I look forward to the final story in this trilogy.  Let your imagination free and spend some time with the new breed of knitters at Malibu & Ewe, and the imagination of Christie Ridgway.  Unravel Me is a great summer read.


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