Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery

Lone Star Sisters, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0373773473

Reviewed by Tanya



Lexi Titan wishes that someone would give her a break.  Not only has her father pitted his three daughters against each other for his company, but now someone is calling a two million dollar loan of hers.  When the one man she never thought to see again, the one who broke her heart, offers her the money if she marries him, she is stunned.  That is until she hears why he is willing to help, and now with the prospect of losing all that she has built she is out of options and counter proposes Cruz.

What looks to be a perfect deal is anything but, as both Lexi and Cruz find out.  There is more than just a shared past between the two, their hearts have never let go of their feelings.  Now when Lexi and Cruz also learn who is behind the loan, and what implications this might have on Lexi and her family what are they to do?

More importantly will Cruz realize what he has in Lexi before it is too late, or will he let past experiences ruin it for both of them?

Susan Mallery has a strong start to a new series in Under Her Skin.  I enjoyed reading about Lexi and her striving to not only be independent but do things on her terms.  I think Lexi and Cruz have an explosive relationship and while it may be entered into as a business deal, it is anything but business in the end.  As usual Ms. Mallery has me hooked on a new series and I canít wait for the follow up to Under Her Skin to be available.  Great summer read.


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