Trail of Feathers by Olivia Lorenz

Midnight Showcase

Erotic Suspense

ISSN: 1555-5488 Vol 39-14SE

Reviewed by Erys


Amy O'Brien has moved into her father's house in Mallorca to finish her novel. All she wants is to write her book in peace and quiet. What she gets is a mystery that takes her across the world and lands her into danger she'd never imagined. Amy finds an old tapestry that turns out to be a treasure map. Between people trying to kidnap her, vivid dreams, and the dangers of the Amazon, there is more than enough to fill a book if only she had the time to write it.

Trail of Feathers is a well written mystery that will keep you wondering what will happen next until the very end. Trail of Feathers has plenty of hot sex, tightly written scenes and a quick read. Amy wasnt a very sympathetic character at first, but the story kept me captivated. Soon enough I found I did like Amy and her relationship with Richard. Id love to see more with these two characters.


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