Thief of a Goddess Heart by Colleen Love

Liquid Silver


ISBN: 1-59578-299-0

Reviewed by Amelia



Ivy Jones loves history; and she adores the statue of the Goddess Athena she found while excavating a temple. When the statue goes missing from the museum where she works she’s devastated.

Private Investigator Dane Knight is looking into the theft and working through his suspect list. Ivy is right at the top, but what he discovers is a woman that makes his heart beat faster.

As Dane and Ivy look into the theft, they discover a mutual attraction. They also discover that under the surface, the Athena statue is more than just a statue, and will change their lives forever.

Thief of a Goddess Heart is an interesting take on the private investigator/ suspect tale. I enjoyed Ivy’s spunk and the way she refused to let Dane run all over her. Dane is a sexy hero and his obvious love for Ivy was very touching. This tale is fast paced and leads to a wonderful conclusion.

Readers who enjoy story characters and suspense mixed with their paranormal will take pleasure in Thief of a Goddess Heart.


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