The Tycoon’s Secret Affair by Maya Banks

The Anetakis Tycoons, Book 3

Silhouette Desire


ISBN: 978 0373769605

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jewel Henley has a new job that she is excited about, even if it is temporary.  Arriving early at the hotel where she is to meet her boss, Jewel takes time for herself and allows herself to have a bit of fun.  Trouble is she had fun with her boss not knowing who he was.  When she finds out, she is a bit peeved but really needs the income this position as Piers Anetakis’ assistant will provide.  Willing to let their one night stand lapse slowly into her memory without ruining her working relationship will be hard, but Jewel can do this – that is until she arrives the first day of her employment and is subsequently fired.  Destitute and alone things can’t get much worse – but they do.  Months later Jewel is hospitalized and her unborn child is in danger so she does the only thing she can think to do at the time.  She calls her baby’s father, her ex-lover as well as ex-employer, Piers Anetakis for help. 

Piers  is resigned to the fact that Jewel just tried to pull the baby card with him.  He knows without a doubt that any child she has is not one that he fathered.  He demands that they marry even though he doesn’t believe the baby is his. Jewel is adamant that he is the father – Piers knows what trusting a woman means and he refuses to go through that again.  After all, a paternity test will definitely tell whether or not Jewel is lying – and it does.  Only the result makes Piers even more furious than he was. 

I can’t blame Piers for being angry, but I think his hotheadedness and stubborn personality made more trouble for him than was necessary.  Trust and loyalty are difficult at best to give to someone – having it broken is even worse.  No matter his anger, however, Piers loved Jewel or why else would he be so shattered at the news?  Jewel was definitely cautious concerning Piers and I don’t blame her.  Her heart was a different matter because it loved Piers from the moment they met.

This third Anetakis Tycoons installment, The Tycoon's Secret Affair, is fabulous.  Readers will laugh, cry, and might even get a bit peeved at Piers.  It will definitely make you feel for each character and cheer for their happily ever after.  There is no stopping the talented writer that is Maya Banks!  I love each and every single book she releases!


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