The Twilight Deception by Alina Morgan

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-561-9

Reviewed by Jo



Arielle Thompson is an FBI agent who also happens to be a witch.  Arielle is usually assigned to any type of paranormal investigations so she wasn't surprised when she was assigned to a series of killings that appear to have been done by a vampire.  What she didn't expect was to have a perp that seems to be one step ahead of her, and being saved by a sexy vampire who is different from what Arielle expects.

Jackson comes to track down the killer and he has knowledge about this specific vampire that no one, not even Arielle with her FBI connections, has.  Jackson knows more than he really wants to reveal, plus, he has secrets of his own.  Trying to stop a deadly vampire killer, keep Arielle safe, and resist the attraction that they have is a full time job for Jackson.  However, when the final showdown happens, will the secret that ties Jackson to the killer be in their favor or will it actually tear Arielle and Jackson apart forever?

The Twilight Deception teams a hardened FBI agent with a man of mystery.  Arielle has experience in bringing in killers, but there is something odd about this case.  Jackson fears that even combining his and Arielle's powers won't be enough to stop this one.  I enjoyed seeing Arielle and Jackson come to terms with not only their differences but also with their attraction.  I was surprised by the thing that Jackson and the killer shared.  But, I was even more surprised and happy when I discovered just how Arielle and Jackson shared their forever ending.  The Twilight Deception is a suspenseful paranormal with twists and turns that will keep you guessing.



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