The First Sin by Cheyenne McCray

Lexi Steele Novels, Book 1

St. Martinís Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0312946449

Reviewed by Shayna



Alexi Steele is no wilting flower.  Sheís a tough-as-nails agent with the Recovery Enforcement Division (RED), a clandestine branch of the NSA.  Right now, all of Lexiís attention is focused on an operation to uncover a sex slave ring that is kidnapping young women in Boston and auctioning them off.  To bring down the bad guys, Lexi has to infiltrate the inner circle of an elite group of BDSM clubs.  And she has to do so as a sub for her sexy new partner.

For Nicholas Donovan, this isnít just another op Ė itís personal.  His sister has been kidnapped and will be sold as a sex slave to the highest bidder.  Nickís prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue Kristin.  What he doesnít count on is the attraction he feels for Lexi.  As he and Lexi are pulled farther into their mission, desire takes hold of both agents.  But their newfound relationship may not last, as their mission takes a deadly turn and a criminal mastermind closes in on the pair.

Readers be warned: this book is not for the faint of heart.  The First Sin is a dark and dangerous ride with heroes who command your respect as they work to bring down the lowest of the low.

Lexi is one of the toughest heroines Iíve ever encountered and I loved her for it.  Sheís brilliant and strong, and Cheyenne McCray doesnít just pay lip service to these attributes, she shows Lexi proving them again and again.  Nick is Lexiís match on every level.  He possesses the same intelligence and strength, along with a heightened protectiveness because of the personal nature of this mission.  Iím not above saying I appreciated Nickís innate sexuality; that was a definite plus.  But what really got me is his respect for Lexi and her abilities.  They worked together perfectly, both as RED agents and as lovers.  I canít wait to watch both their personal and professional relationships grow as the series continues.

The villains in this story are truly vile, sadistic b*******, and Ms. McCray doesnít hold her punches.  However, The First Sin is the stronger for this, as the importance and urgency of Lexi and Nickís mission is driven home.  Whatís more, not only are the RED agentsí excellence highlighted by taking readers through the situations Lexi and Nick encounter on their mission, by taking readers through Kristinís captivity, Ms. McCray emphasizes Kristinís strength of character.  My heart broke for all the storyís protagonists, and I also hope to see Kristin again in the series as she heals from what was done to her.

While The First Sin is not a ďhappyĒ book, it does have its lighter moments.  Nick and Lexi are also sensual, sexual people and it would be a sin indeed to not mention the heat these two generate.  One thing thatís a bit different about The First Sin is that the book is mostly, but not entirely written in the first person.  The majority of the story is told from Lexiís point of view, and those sections are written in the first person.  The parts of the book from Nick and Kristinís perspectives, however, are written in the third person.  This took a bit of getting used to, but didnít impact reading experience.  I truly enjoyed The First Sin.  Itís not a light read, but it is entirely captivating and Iím looking forward to reading the next Lexi Steele novel, The Second Betrayal.


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