The Eternal Kiss by Diane Castilleja

The Hanged Man

Tease Publishing

Vampire Romance

ISBN: 978-1-934678-90-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Titania has a talent that allows her to spread emotion through her singing – and when she goes all out, people walk out of her concerts full of hope and positive energy.  However, the same talent that allows her to project her emotions also allows her to “feel” others emotions as well.  When one night she is almost laid flat by a storm of negative emotion, Titania can’t help but to reach out and try to stop what she knows is coming – death.  But once she enters into the fray she discovers that she has walked into a battle between two men who have hated each other for longer than she can comprehend and unwittingly become a pawn in their game.  Dare she trust the man that seems to be good, despite what she “felt” from him?

Diego Viteri has survived centuries of despising what he was made into and loneliness with the goal of killing the man that made him into what he is – a vampire.  However, when he crosses paths with Titania Diego begins to realize that being a vampire might not be all bad, especially if he can share eternity with her.  As danger follows Titania, Diego is willing to risk everything in order to keep her safe and happy.  But will Titania still want him when she discovers what he is?

The Eternal Kiss is a vampire romance that follows along the lines of Christine Feehan’s Carpathian vampire series with a dark and nearly hopeless hero and an independent, strong-willed heroine.  Diego is all that a broody vampire should be, with his goals of revenge against his maker and uncertainty about his future once that is accomplished.  Titania as a woman was difficult to understand as she continually made decisions to assert her independence that defied common-sense.  When these two come together it sets off an explosion of passion that is difficult to ignore and will have you sweating in no time.  However, Titania’s constant incomprehensible behavior and the overabundance of clichés regarding vampires made several points in the story tedious and cumbersome to get through.  Still, as a whole The Eternal Kiss is an entertaining read that will serve as a good distraction on a lazy summer day.


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