Taming The Beast by Evangeline Anderson

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Fairy Tale, Paranormal: Shapeshifter

ISBN: 9781419918285

Reviewed by Willow



Gisella Trelain is going to a convent in order to escape her lustful uncle’s attentions. She would rather serve the Goddess as a Priestess of the Light than stay with Uncle Edgar. But instead of the spaceport, she is delivered to Fat Sam in the Red Star district. Her uncle has sold her to a brothel! For the next ten months she belongs to Sam to pay off her uncle’s debt.

When Gisella overhears Fat Sam telling a liveried servant that he has no one else to send with him, Gisella sees it as her way out of her situation. One night for 1200 credits. She’ll do it. She tries not to think about the fact that no girl has ever come back after going with this man to his master on Kiegal Nine. The servant hopes Gisella is what his master needs.

Gisella finds herself dressed in skimpy clothing and led to the huge door of the dungeon. She has to go alone. She reaches the bottom of the stairs and sees a bed and a pile of bones. And a massively huge man chained to the wall. Fat Sam may not have been such a bad option.

Tristan is the ruler of Kiegal Nine and has been cursed. The only one who can break it according to the prophecy is a woman who is a virgin with the heart of a whore. Others have run in fear but Gisella wants to try and break the curse. Is she the one he has been searching for?

A twist on Beauty and the Beast, Taming the Beast is an erotic fairy tale that will definitely make bedtime something to look forward to. I am always intrigued by a new version of a story I know. Fairy tales are the best kinds of stories to explore. A favorite story with an adult twist, hot and entertaining, Taming the Beast grabbed and kept my attention. You’re gonna love it too.


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