Tabloid Star by TA Chase

Samhain Publishing

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60504-662-4

Reviewed by Cassie



Josh enjoys his job as a bartender at a West Hollywood club, especially because he is able to pick up as many guys as he can handle.  When sexy Ryan comes up to his bar, they have an instant attraction that leads to a smoking hot encounter in an alley and an even hotter night at his place.  He has no idea who Ryan is.

Ryan Kellar is the up-and-coming star of a new film who seems to have the world at his feet.  Unfortunately, being famous isnít all itís cracked up to be, especially for a gay man in Hollywood.  Ryan is more than just attracted to Josh, but he knows they canít have a real relationship, or anything more than a one night stand.  When word gets out about Ryanís secret, will it end any chance he and Josh may have had?

Tabloid Star is a quick, hot tale of love in the age of the paparazzi.  Dominant yet caring Josh is a great character.  I also couldnít help but like conflicted Ryan, who is tired of hiding for the sake of his career.  There are a number of interesting secondary characters as well.  The plot is fairly straightforward, with a few twists, but nothing too melodramatic.  While Ryan and Joshís relationship starts off fast and shallow, it soon deepens.  What began as a sneaky one night stand becomes something worth fighting for, and the journey is a lot of fun to read.  Everythingís a bit too perfect, but in a Hollywood kind of way rather than an annoying one.  Tabloid Star is sure to appeal to fans of celebrity magazines as well as to people like myself who donít follow Hollywood at all.


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