Swarm by Jordan Castillo Price

Sweet Oblivion, Books 4

Changeling Press

Gay Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-59596-398-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Michael and Wild Bill are, for once, sticking in the same place for a while, which is leading Michael to discoveries about Wild Bill that he long suspected.  Once Michael convinces Wild Bill to share a part of his past they land in the middle of a swarm of vampires.  Will they survive the experience unscathed?

Sweet Oblivion: Swarm continues the story of Wild Bill and Michael, but this time Michaelís education into the vampire culture is shocking beyond imagining.  Landing among a swarm of vampires is not what Michael expected or the feelings it leaves him with.  As expected, Jordan Castillo Priceís talent as a writer is plainly demonstrated as she takes Michael and Wild Bill into an adventure you wonít want to miss.  Donít miss Sweet Oblivion: Swarm for another wild ride into Wild Billís and Michaelís world!


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