Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl



ISBN: 978-0-373-77390-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Lori Love had always wanted to travel away from her hometown of Tumble Creek, Colorado, located in the shadow of Aspen.  In fact she was well on her way to her dreams while she was in college on the east coast.  No one could have foreseen the tragedy that struck causing her to have to move back home.  But, for a father she loved she had no choice but to move home, take care of him and take over the running of and working in the family garage.  The problem is now years later she is still doing the same thing, and she is restless.  She is also addicted to erotic romances and would love to explore if she just likes reading about some of the things that happen or would she physically love them also?  So with the help of her best friend she sets out to finds some hot no strings attached sex.

Quinn Jennings is one of the few people that support his sisterís career in writing erotic romances, though he has never read one.  He is focused on his lifelong architecture dreams and career.  When he figures out what Lori is up to he wants to make her a proposition.  He is horrid as boyfriend material but would be perfect for what she is looking for.  He is even willing to read the books that she loves as homework.  Keeping their encounters secret for as long as they can will be a challenge but one that Lori is willing to take, when she realizes just how nicely her best friendís brother has grown up and filled out.

What will happen if one of them suddenly wants more than the hot fling?  And more importantly will Lori live to sort all of this out; someone seems to be out to hurt her.

Start Me Up was an erotic and fun filled story.  I thoroughly enjoyed how Ms. Dahl wove the erotic romance genre into Start Me Up and was able to bring up things that many readers would wonder about themselves.  Adding to this fantasy you have the geek turned hunk and things might get a bit steamy.  But, that is not the entire storyline, you also have the girl mechanic who looks to have lost her future, but will she take it if it is offered?  I was pulled in from the start and think Ms. Dahl writes a well though out book and plot line, with very funny dialogue but I have to say I was not happy with the ending toe Start Me Up.  I wanted more of a HEA than a HFN ending, but that is me.  Overall, Start Me Up is a very entertaining and fun read, with lots of spice and a little intrigue thrown in.


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