Spot Me by Andrew Grey

Dreamspinner Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-61581-049-9

Reviewed by Cassie



Forty year old Dan spends time nearly every day working out at a gym with his friend Lonnie.  When he sees sexy bodybuilder Gene Harper, heís smitten, but believes he doesnít have a chance with the younger man.  Will an invitation to spot Gene on weights lead to more than Dan expects?

Spot Me is a cute story about a man who feels heís too old to get back into life discovering maybe itís not too late for him after all.  I sympathized with Dan, whose former lover ditched him for a younger man.  Gene is too perfect, but heís a sweet guy who clearly sees beyond Danís age.  Danís friend Lonnie injects a note of humor into the story.  Spot Me is a quick read.  Everything happens just a bit too quickly and happily to be real, but for a sweet fantasy itís a fun read.


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