Snowed In With The Boss by Jessica Andersen

HQN – Intrigue #1120


ISBN: 978-0-373-69387-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Sophie LaRue has been attracted to her boss since she first met him.  But, as his personal assistant she will do nothing about this attraction, as she badly needs to keep her job.  She doesn’t count on being stranded in an unfinished mansion during a blizzard with him though.  What will happen when they need to depend on each other to survive?

High-powered CEO Griffin Vaughn knows his assistant is trouble.  Well at least trouble to his promises to not get involved with women that is.  She makes his pulse race every time he is alone with her.  Now suddenly he is trapped with her during a blizzard with an apparent mad man on the loose.  When Sophie makes him an offer that is too good to refuse what will he do?

But, just as the two are growing closer it seems that someone wants them both out of the way.  Can they keep each other alive, and before all is said and done will they trust and listen to each other or will they jump to the wrong conclusions and pass up the possible future they could have?

Snowed In With The Boss was a fast paced intriguing read.  As someone who lives in a cold climate I could tell that Ms. Andersen researched just what being stranded in a blizzard would entail and wove those things seamlessly into her plot lines.  I was pulled in early in the story and did not anticipate one of the twists that the plot line made, therefore making the storyline even more captivating for me.  I was a little frustrated with Griffin’s reaction to learning Sophie’s past, without hearing her side but that didn’t make me enjoy the overall book less.  I thoroughly enjoyed Snowed In With The Boss and think you will also.  I look forward to reading more by Ms. Andersen


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