Sliding Home by Kate Angell

Richmond Rogues, book 4

Love Spell

Contemporary Sports

ISBN: 978-0505528087

Reviewed by Tanya



Kason Rhode is one of the toughest outfielders in the business.  He is also one of the most secretive.  Since the mid-season trade last year no one even knows where he lives.  Which is why he is shocked when he returns home from six weeks of training camp to find a woman living in his trailer.  He is further surprised to find not only is she unwilling to leave, but apparently doesn’t recognize him.  He is not heartless so he doesn’t throw her out but instead barters for dinner knowing he will kick her out the next day.  But, as days progress she just might be getting under his skin.  He can see she has nothing, and thinks the same of him.  Heck she has even hijacked Cimarron, his dog.

Dayne is nursing a broken heart from an extremely public breakup.  She has vowed to go it alone and to not ever date a public figure again.  When she finds the abandoned trailer she moves in and tries to make things her own. She never expected to find that someone lives there.  So she claims squatter’s rights and refuses to leave.

Will they be able to work out an arrangement so they can both live in the trailer?  More importantly will they act on the obvious attraction between them, and how will Dayne take things when she learns what he really does for a profession?

Yeah! Kason gets a woman.  I have been waiting for this moment from the first time we met him.  And Ms. Angell has managed to create a woman for him that has even more spunk and audacity than Kason has himself, which in my book makes her perfect for him.  I love how the story starts and it keeps me intrigued for the entire read.  If you are a lover of baseball or just like a hot and athletic guy than Sliding Home is a must for you.  If you are someone who loves a woman with spunk and will try to reason herself out of all situations, and not take handouts than you also need to add Sliding Home to your reading pile.


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