Sins of Arrogance by India Harper

Creatures of Sin

Amber Allure

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-526-3

Reviewed by Cassie



Detective Carver Eliot has always been hot-headed, but sleeping with a male prostitute who was under his protection as a witness was pretty bad, even for him.  As a result, he gets busted down in rank and transferred to Zone Six, a place he sees as a backwater waste of his time.  Unfortunately, his transfer puts him in the sights of Lieutenant David Logan, a man notorious for not accepting any sort of misconduct in his precinct.  Carverís determined to be good until the heat is off, but being good is harder than he expected.

David Logan runs a tight ship, and a troublemaker like Carver Eliot is the last thing he needs.  The only thing more annoying than Carver himself is the unwanted attraction David feels for the man.  He decides to help Carver stay on the straight and narrow, a proposition that gets him way more involved than he wants to beÖ

Sins of Arrogance is a fast-paced, hot story.  At first, Carver comes across as arrogant and obnoxious, rebelling just for the sake of it and refusing to consider his own future.  David comes across as a total hard-ass, committed to his job and little else.  They have an immediate lust/hate reaction to each other that neither appreciates.  As the two men come together, they both change and mellow, allowing other sides of their personalities to emerge.  Watching them fight and struggle their way toward something resembling a relationship is alternately amusing, frustrating, and kind of hot.  Secondary characters, including the Captain of the precinct and Carverís new partner, add interest to the plot.  Thereís also a bit of a mystery subplot, as Carverís bad behavior comes back to haunt him in a way.  I was a bit disappointed with the lack of fleshing out regarding Carver and Davidís pasts, but overall I found Sins of Arrogance an enjoyable and engaging read. 


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