Shutter by Trista Ann Michaels

Loose Id

Erotic Contemporary Mťnage

ISBN 978-1-60737-423-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Bethany Marx was eighteen when she met Jacob Mathews, owner of the menís magazine, Intuition. That meeting changed her life forever.  Even though Bethís stepfather Tom is in jail, serving time for raping and abusing her, he still manages to be a presence in her life. Five years later, Beth is one of many girls who Jacob saved. Except for the painful memories of her past, Beth has worked hard to turn her life around. Jacobís son Derrick and Derrickís best friend Nathan have always shared women and now they want Beth. While Beth, Derrick, and Nathan try to wok out their feelings, Tom has decided itís time to get Beth back and he wonít let anyone get in his way.   

Shutter has a familiar theme: a beautiful damsel in distress is saved by two handsome white nights.  One of the men is more commanding in bed, the other is gentler. The things that make it typical also make it good. Thereís not a lot wrong with two handsome men vying for one womanís attention then fulfilling all of her sexual fantasies.  When Jacob and Nathan decide they donít want to share Beth, things take an unexpected turn, bringing a dose of realism to this erotic story. The realism does not extend to the use of birth control or protection and considering Derrick and Nathan have supposedly shared a lot of women, I would make that a priority. Realism aside, Jacob is a pretty accurate, yet fictional portrayal of Hugh Hefner and the men are smokiní hot. While there is nothing particularly new or thrilling about Shutter, itís a good erotic story with a few twists, some action, and a lot of hot sex.


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