Shadow Warrior by Linda Conrad


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0-373-27535-9

Reviewed by Willow



When she loses her husband, Alexis Ayze has to find a way to take care of her 4-year-old son, Jack. Her best option is her husbandís family in Arizona. On her way to her in-lawsí home on the reservation, Lexie loses her way in a storm. The car ends up in a ravine and they are trapped by a flash flood. 

Michael Ayze becomes concerned because his brotherís widow and his nephew are in unfamiliar territory and this storm isnít quite normal. Something is off about it. He spots Lexieís car in a flooded ravine and comes to the rescue. He has to remind himself that he is just her savior and nothing else. Of course that may not work for long. There is an attraction that just wonít go away. And it didnít help when his mother suggested they keep with the old tradition and Michael should marry Lexie.

Michael is part of a group of medicine men, known as the Brotherhood, who are fighting a battle for their people. The Skinwalkers are Navajo men who have taken up Navajo witchcraft to become the power of the reservation. The evil skinwalkers trying to take over and the Brotherhood trying to stop it are all searching for a map that will give them the advantage.

There is the matter of Lexieís talent for communicating with ghosts. Michael has to come to terms with this bit of information. Ghosts are evil so Lexieís ability to see them is not a good thing in his belief system. But it appears that Lexie is to be the Message Bearer for the Brotherhood whether they like it or not.

Now all Michael has to do is keep Lexie alive.

Shapeshifters, ghosts, medicine man and arranged marriagesóShadow Warrior has it all. Lexie and Michael spend a lot of time trying to not be attracted to each other while his mother spends a lot of time trying to arrange their marriage. Itís really no contest. I liked the heroes and their interactions with each other but I felt that the villains could have been a little more developed. I really didnít feel a strong bad guy vibe from the bad guys. Overall, I enjoyed Shadow Warrior and look forward to reading the other books in the Brotherhood Series.


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